Katherine Ebel

Katherine Ebel

Hi, my name is

I build things for the web.

01.About Me

Hello! I'm Kathy, a Full-Stack Software Engineer based in Green Cove Springs, Florida. Currently, I'm putting my skills to work at Hare Media Group, where I've quickly ramped up on Java and Spring Boot, becoming an integral part of a nimble remote team. In this role, I've had the chance to contribute to various projects, including architecting a high-performing front-end with TailwindCSS, Pebble, and AlpineJS.

Prior to Hare Media, I collaborated on Skopos, an open-source API monitoring tool that sharpened my expertise and fueled my passion for software development. Whether I'm working remotely for Hare Media Group or diving into side projects, I continually seek opportunities to grow and make a meaningful impact.

Aside from my day job, I also keep myself busy managing a virtual private server, which serves as a sandbox for my personal projects and tech experiments.

When I'm not behind a computer screen, I love hitting the open road on my Harley, exploring nature with my family, or tackling trails on my ATV. These activities are among my favorite ways to recharge and find inspiration.

Some of the recent technologies and languages I've been using are:




Skopos screenshot

Open Source API monitoring tool for testing multi-step API workflows, and running collections of tests in parallel.

Technologies used

React, Tailwind CSS, Prisma, GraphQL, Node.js, AWS (ECS, RDS, Lambda, SNS, EventBridge), Docker

Read the Case Study


Wiresnoop screenshot

Realtime RequestBin clone for debugging webhooks.

Technologies used

React, Socket.IO, Express, Node.js, PostgreSQL, MongoDB


JobHunt screenshot

Full-stack application to track your job applications.

Technologies used

React, Redux, RTK Query, Docker, Node.js, Express, TurboRepo


Minesweeper screenshot

Hopefully you are better at this game than I am. 😅

Technologies used

React, Redux

03.What's Next?

Currently thriving in my role at Hare Media Group, I'm always interested in potential collaborations and new challenges that could broaden my horizons. Feel free to reach out if you think we could make something great together!